Question Are the requirements of the Lift Directive being met? Answer Use LIFTpro.

As an installer who has purchased a ready made kit from a “design and ship” supplier you adopt the design when you put on the CE marking. How do you know the calculations in the box are correct?

As a consultant how do you check the installer´s design calculations?

Many installers and consultants will have spreadsheets and computer programs, which carry out the validation. Tedious isn´t it. Entering all the data several times. And if you “borrowed” the software you wonder whether it is correct. Then you have a Quality Assurance visit and must show provenance.

Now you can put all this behind you. Use LIFTpro developed by and for examiners to validate, commission and test lifts to Annex XIII of Lift Directive (Schedule 12 of the Lifts Regulations: 1997). Not only this, but full documentation is generated for the Technical Dossier.

Register and download a trial copy of the software and the manual that goes with it from this website.





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